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Show Your Success Workshops

Have you been able to attend a Show Your Success Workshop? At this workshop, Taurea will inspire you to take action toward adding streams of income with writing a book and public speaking as well as showing you how to stand out on social media marketing. This is a 7 hour intensive workshop guaranteed to leave you inspired to take massive action!

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Living life to the FULLEST

Taurea believes that with this short life, there is so much living to do.

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Smile Always

The smile is one of the most infectious features you can have, Taurea believes the more you smile, the more you have great days! #SmileAlways #FrownNever

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Show Your Success Dinner

Once per year, Taurea will have a dinner with 100 of her favorite VISIONARIES to share great food, empowerment and more!

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Taurea's will impact the lives of 10,000,000 men & women in mind, body and soul.

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Get Taurea's Ebook "10 Mistakes Made on Social Media Today" and be on your way to becoming a Social Media Superstar!

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The S.Y.S.T.E.M. Mastery

Show Your Self to Effective Marketing Mastery is a program designed to show you how to stand out in your business. Learn more on how you can be effective in growing your business.

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What are CLIENTS saying?

Taurea believes that her client's satisfaction is her motivation. Check out some of the great testimonials her past clients and/or students have said about her speaking, workshops, coaching and more!

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Taurea's mission is to directly impact the lives of 10,000,000 business men and business women in mind, body and soul. Schedule an FREE consultation today with Taurea to see if she would be the perfect business "accelerator" coach for you!

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Meet Taurea Vision Avant

Taurea Avant has been able to speak in front of entrepreneurs from all over the world. She doesnt really title herself as a motivational speaker, but she does know the value behind her story. She has a passion to inspire people to take action! Taurea's speaking calendar is filling up fast! Contact her today for availability!

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