Taurea Avant will deliver a fun, education and interaction from the front of the room leaving your audience fully engaged and excited.


  • Denisha N. Russell

    The webinar, training was great for you gave great insight on how to continue promoting my business as well as different avenues when it comes to social media. Also, the idea on a “How to write Book” was stellar for I have had the thought of writing a book but on what? So now that the seed has been planted in my mind again and about something that I am very passionate about I know in due time the book will come with such ease. Thank You, your favorite Dog Sitter.

    Denisha N. Russell
    CEO, Love Thy Dog

  • Mary Ned

    The Webinar enlightened me on how to streamline post on multiple social media sites.  I love your statement “2015 is about how to Stop wasting money and time!”  This really impacted my thought process for my future endeavors.  Thanks so much for sharing.  I look forward to learning more from you.  Thanks again for the opportunity.  

    Mary Ned
    CEO , Ned Entrepreneur Development

  • Coletta J Cheeley

    Everytime I am  in the presences of Taurea “Vision”  Avant , it is like I am trying to swallow with a mouth full of food,  her information is just more than I can handle.  The Show You Success/Stand out in the Crowded World was out of this  world the information was more than I could handle, but I loved it . At first I had alittle trouble getting on, so I just decided I would listen, but  she was talking about so many things I had to see it, so I kept downloading apps until I got right one. It was aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing. She talking about Facebook, building  relationship before sending your business info, and Pagemoto.  What a way to spend a Monday.!

    Coletta J Cheeley
    Owner, CJ'S Hair Studio  Atlanta GA


“Taurea was Dynamic and so Entertaining!” – Stacii Jae Johnson

Watch Taurea’s Highlight Reel to see her in action.




Taurea launches her highly anticipated book FEAR ~ 10 Steps to Eliminating Your Fears. The reason Taurea decided to write a book about this is because from her first book “A Vision to Freedom“, the number one question she would get was her chapter on Fears! Fears are absolutely the reason why most business owners never reach their full potential.

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