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My name is Taurea and it’s pronounced like Maria with a T. I am a multiple self-published author, International educator speaker and business stand-out & resource coach. I work with business owners and show them the tools and marketing techniques to stand out in business today!

Meet Taurea Vision Avant

I am a Multi-Self Published Author, International Speaker & Educator and Business Educator. I host workshops designed to teach traditional business owners to even home-based business entrepreneurs how to stand out in  your industry. My online university is call S.Y.S.T.E.M. Mastery where I teach you marketing skills and tools that will separate you in your industry. There are more than 27+ million registered traditional businesses in the US and more than 9000 people per day are joining home based businesses. If you are not standing out, you are falling in line! I also have a marketing company where we focus on web design, mobile add design and social media marketing. Visit www.TrueVisionDesigns.com for more information there. 

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