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My name is Taurea and it’s pronounced like Maria with a T. I am a multiple self-published author, International educator speaker and business stand-out & resource coach. I work with business owners and show them the tools and marketing techniques to stand out in business today! My primary passion and purpose is to show you as an entrepreneur HOW TO WRITE A BOOK IN 30 DAYS. I also show you how to take that book and leverage it, stand-out in your industry as well as build multiple streams of income from it. I believe every business owner should have a book. 

Meet Taurea Vision Avant

I am a Multi-Self Published Author, International Speaker & Educator and Business Educator. I host workshops designed to teach traditional business owners to even home-based business entrepreneurs how to stand out in  your industry. My online university is call S.Y.S.T.E.M. Mastery where I teach you marketing skills and tools that will separate you in your industry. There are more than 27+ million registered traditional businesses in the US and more than 9000 people per day are joining home based businesses. If you are not standing out, you are falling in line! I also have a marketing company where we focus on web design, mobile add design and social media marketing. Visit www.TrueVisionDesigns.com for more information there. 

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