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Taurea Avant is an author, coach, and leader in a home based business. Her goal is to help more women and men be able to work from home and become financially free.
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About Taurea

Taurea AvantTaurea Vision Avant has a story no different from yours. Yes there may have been different turns and routes but we all know that in life there is no avoiding the journey she just made a decision early on to be in better control of her thoughts, feelings, and emotions… 

Here is a video I did back in 2010.. It’s a short bio/skit on my life. ENJOY!!

Taurea Vision Avant started off in life with the vision of the American Dream. Going to college, getting good grades, graduating and then going off to work in Corporate America. Unfortunately when she graduated from college, she went from temp job to temp job to temp job. It didnt look like her dream of landing a career job in her major was going to happen. Finally she landed a salaried job as a database administrator which is a fancy name for data entry. Even with the salaried job she still lived check to check barely making it. Can you relate?

Then the turning point in Taurea’s life happened. Its what you call a “paradigm shift” (Alot of us have major turning points that will require a major shift to take place…. When will your shift occur or has it already?)

Herfather, her hero, her last living parent was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. This totally turned her life upside down. She found herself in a place loneliness and complete lost. She had to watch him go through this disease and ultimately be defeated. One thing that stayed with her was the thought….. Did her father seize the opportunity to do everything he wanted in life. Did he make excuses on why he wouldnt do something like so many of us do? Did he lose his will to dream? She vowed from then on to not let this happen to her.

“If I die tomorrow, at least I know I’m going after my dream.” ~ Taurea Avant

She moved to Atlanta, GA in 2007 in hopes of starting her own business in multi media. Unfortunately long story short, it failed. However…. “We know that the most successful people in the world have failed the most on their journey to success”… so she never let that hold her back. Most of us would have given up. If it weren’t for failing we wouldn’t know of Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Socrates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan JUST TO NAME A FEW!

“No one ever succeeds without failure.” ~ Taurea Avant

In 2009, she was introduced to the world of Home Based Business aka Multi Level Marketing. She had heard about these type of business structures before but it wasnt until she was almost desperate that she really took a look at joining the industry. In 2009 she earned over Six Figures in Six Months with no real clue of what she was doing. It wasnt until 2010 when she was introduced to her current company where she started to really understand this industry and how it works. She understand the true way to success in MLM is having great leadership, a great system, and a great product. She is currently a Diamond going Blue Diamond in her company meaning she does over $200,000 to $500,000 in volume every 30 days. She is also a six figure ring earner and will receive the $500,000 ring at the next international convention.

Her vision is to position 100 families to earn over six figures in 2013.

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