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International Speaker

Taurea AvantTaurea believes that when you are given the opportunity to speak to individuals, it’s not just about getting people fired up but leaving them with things they can do for growth. Taurea loves to see when people are able to take her talks and apply them to their lives or businesses and see results. To Taurea, it is pointless to spend one of your most valuable assets in life which is your time and not be able to take what you’ve learned and apply it somewhere! To find out about the kinds of speaking events Taurea does, simply CLICK HERE for more information!

Published Author

Taurea has written now three self-published books. Her first book “A Vision to Freedom – How to truly live the life of your dreams” is a book where she discusses different elements that she has implemented in her life to be able to have had a successful career working from home. She discusses mentorship, goal setting, forgiveness, eliminating fear and more! All principles that will truly lead you to success. Then her second release book “Fear – 10 Steps to letting go of your Fears” was written to better elaborate on fear elimination, how we obtain fears and how we can have better faith. Her latest book which is titled “Depression – 7 ways to live and let go” was written to share her story of how she went through depression and how she overcame. Also there are additional stories of other people who went through depression as well. Everyone who buys a copy of this book will also be contributing to helping to giving more awareness to depression. One of the top killers in people today!

Taurea believes as a self-published author, the key in being successful as an author is to write a book to write another book. Her books have truly opened amazing doors and opportunities for her to speak all over the world!

Business Coach

┬áDo you already have a business that you are looking to take to the next level? Are you having difficulty getting your name out there? Tired of wasting a lot of money? Taurea will coach you to success without breaking the bank. The main focus on Taurea’s coaching is to teach you how to stand out from others in this overly crowded world. With today’s increasing number of entrepreneurs, you must create a strategy that will put you on a platform. You must be able to create your brand to a way that will have people coming to you. It’s not about being all over the place but creating a specific marketing plan to most definitely position yourself to be attractive to more customers and potential business partners.

Taurea Avant

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