Business Builder

Business Builder

Taurea AvantOne of Taurea’s passions is to help individuals to find a vehicle that can help to invest in their passion. Taurea got into the home-based business industry in 2009 for multiple reasons.

  1. To build a stream of income.
  2. To build time freedom.
  3. To build a platform.

With these three opportunities alone, Taurea has been able to earn over $1,000,000 in earnings from home. This has allowed her to now build upon multiple streams of income in different industries. If you are currently looking for an opportunity to bring in additional income to help in funding your true dreams, Taurea is the one for you! For more information on what it is that Taurea is using as a vehicle to earn millions, be sure to CONTACT HER today for a free business evaluation. It’s not just about how you start but its about what you do to to start so that you can finish strong! Contact Taurea Today!

Taurea Avant joined Organo Gold August of 2010 as a way of getting out of foreclosure. She knew that she would need to partner with a business that not only had a great product but also great leadership! As an independent distributor with the current fastest growing business in the world, Taurea quickly learned the reason behind success in a business. What she learned that in order for a company to sustain long-term growth, there would be THREE things that must be in place for it to survive!

Taurea knew that success in the industry is absolutely obtainable no matter what company you join but to keep your success for years to come, she also knew that it would be vital to be aligned with the best leadership the industry has to offer. Her leadership consists of CEO Bernard Chua whose vision in starting Organo Gold was to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world. Global Master Distributor Shane Morand who is responsible for some of the most noted collaborations like with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and many country openings. Executive Vice President Holton Buggs who is currently the Number One Income Earning Distributor in the world. These three gentleman are the leaders of the company. However with having an amazing group of leaders running the company, Taures also knew that it would be imperative to partner with the right leadership to run her business. She was able to partner with now Crown Diamond $2million ring earner David Imonitie and also now Blue Diamond $500 thousand ring earner Edward Hartley. Taurea is currently a Diamond consultant $250 thousand ring earner which puts her up there as one of the highest paid female networkers in the world.  Diamond Taurea Avant

Taurea also knew that along with great leadership, she wanted to be apart of a company that provided a “fail proof” system. Basically meaning that if you apply yourself at 100% you can have success. She also wanted to make sure that it would be a system that in every country, everyone would be speaking the same thing. System stands for Save Yourself Time Energy & Money and that’s why she fell in love the simple 4 step system created for Organo Gold. Taurea believes that this system is so simplified that even a child can do this business.

A Great Product
While Taurea doesnt believe that having a great product is the number one characteristic of a successful business, she does believe that a great product is an added benefit. Like most people, Taurea didnt want to get into a business where she felt as if she had to be great at selling. Today more than ever, people dont like to be sold. She didnt want to get into a convincing game of why someone should purchase her product. That is why coffee made sense. 75% of the population drinks coffee or tea at least every single day. This is a product that people dont have to be sold on because its a part of their daily consumption. Taurea loves the fact that when she gives a sample of her product out, she instantly makes a new friend. People love getting Coffee! If you would like a sample, please dont hesitate to let Taurea know by visiting her website and she will get some samples out to you TODAY!

Also if you are interested in learning more about how you can become apart of this Coffee Revolution, please visit and watch the video. Submit your information, and Taurea will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours!

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