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A Vision to FreedomTaurea “Vision” Avant Releases “A Vision To Freedom”

A Vision to Freedom is book that all Entrepreneurs and Visionaries have been looking for. When reading “A Vision To Freedom” many will ask themselves; What does FREEDOM mean to me? Do I know how to get? Have I made a decision that I am tired of not being able to do what I truly want to do?

The principles discussed in the book are what took Taurea from Foreclosure to Freedom in a very short period of time. Other topics touched upon in “A Vision To Freedom” include…

  • Why Mentorship is Important
  • How to Develop Multiple Streams of Income
  • How to Be in Control of Your Emotions
  • How to set Goals
  • How you Can Help other People
  • and more!

This is a book that every Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, or Visionary should own. Once you’ve read this book in its entirety you’ll ask yourself “Am I a Visionary or am I reaching?” Translation: Are you on a road to Freedom or have you become complacent with your current state of just being?

To get your copy CLICK HERE!!!

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