Show Your Success Workshop

God has called me to be able to start an incredible movement! The Show Your Success Workshop tour is absolutely my vision given to me to impact the lives of business owners. At this workshop my major goal is to show YOU the entrepreneur how you can absolutely stand-out in your industry with writing a book!


My Story

At this workshop you will learn the following

  • The steps it takes to get started writing your book in 30 days
  • How to leverage your book and open incredible doors
  • How to turn your business into multiple streams of income
  • (If you are not a business owner) Launch a Business
  • and more!

This workshop is for the small-business owner, network marketer or inspiring entrepreneur.

Vision VIP Day

The Vision VIP Day is actually a 3 day event where you would fly into Atlanta to work directly with me to write your book in a day! Most of my attendees who have come were able to get their book done in a day! Also on top of that we were able to set the book up for publishing (creating your own publishing company) as well as being able to pre-sell your book making money that day. It is just an incredible event. With my instruction I guarantee that you will have 80% to 100% of your book absolutely done! Its time to get that book written!

Learn more about the Vision VIP Day! We only accept 12 individuals to be apart of this incredible event. We have this event only twice per year!