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Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Jeneen Mack on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Ms. Avant is one of my favorite all time speakers

One day while I was at an event in an old business Ms Avant was one of the speakers. As she spoke I felt like she was talking right to me. Her words were so powerful that it taught me how to believe more in myself. At that time in my life i wasnt excited about where I was going, I was broke and discusted with not having hardly any money i was living off of the money I was getting from welfare. Today because of Ms Advants words and wisdom I kept going on. Thank you for always recognizing me at the events

by Yolanda Bingham on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Awesome speaker

To her Taurea speak is transformational. She has a way of bringing you in with her storytelling and making you feel as if you are part of her story. She has the ability to make you laugh to cry to walk away from her engagements with a renewed sense of self. She is educated about what she speaks about, and very professional. As a motivational speaker myself she motivates me to do great and better things. And I cannot wait to be in her presence once again. Once you have heard her speak you will understand what I am talking about.

by Angie Tabio on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Taurea as a speaker

By any measure Taurea Avant is a very effective speaker and educator. I thoroughly have enjoyed Taurea speak with so much enthusiasm while giving a presentation. Her delivery is so engaging that you can literally lose track of time. I find her comments and feedback regarding Network Marketing intriguing. She is very transparent with her personal observations and personal experiences. Her talks also gives a great boost on how to recruit new members within the Network Marketing industry. I find Taurea to be an enlightening and stimulating presenter on any topic that she speaks about.

by Lisa Bailey on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Someone Can Connect With

Ms. Taurea Avant is the type of person you feel comfortable walking up to and ask to connect. She is so down to earth, real, and honest. She gives real life circumstances examples you can use. She is a very intelligent and transparent speaker. After hearing her speak I feel like I have really understund her message and can apply it.

by Jacob Mosely on Taurea Avant as a Speaker

Taurea is the epitome of a servant leader! I have had the pleasure of listen to her teach and train on business principles! She speaks with such passion and definitely a woman who is purpose driven! She is authentic and truly transparent .
Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge you display on a daily and weekly basis!

by Nia on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Thank you!

Since seeing Taurea speak was so educational that now I am publishing my first book. Very blessed to have witnessed her speak!

by Daniel Johnson on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Taurea as a Speaker

Taurea has an eloquent voice, she is spirit-led, and she operates in excellence.

by Charde Brown on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Awesome gal

Taurea is phenomenal, she speaks from a pure place and her content is everything.

by Anthe Ferdinand on Taurea Avant as a Speaker
Taurea Avant

I have listened to Ms. Avant speak on several occasions. I must say that listening to her is so encouraging and motivating. She speaks from the heart and speaks the truth. This is something that moves me. So many people speak but don't speak from the heart. She is so real and transparent and I love it.

by Lamar Clay on Taurea Avant as a Speaker

Taurea Avant is absolutely amazing. When times i feel like giving up ill just sit back and watch a Taurea video....that'll definitely get my mo jo back going. Thanks Taurea and keep the videos coming.

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