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Show Your Success First Workshop 04/25/15

All twelve of Taurea’s Cylinders were synchronized, fined tuned and firing in order today. She was on the go at 12:15 PM getting everyone prepped for what was to come. At 12:45 PM, she was rolling and in full cadence. (Knowing which automobiles have twelve cylinders tells you what she was driving).

First up *Writing A Book*.


Who wants to write a book?
What are you passionate about?
Why should you write a book?
How writing a book set you apart from others.
Creating a legacy that lasts your lifetime and beyond.
How to use your book to attract, advertise, market your business and yourself.
Writing your book makes you an expert.

After this first segment, a request to share explosions in the mind moments was very responsive from guests in attendance.

Then Taurea went into overdrive with detailed processes with systematic bulleted and numerated instructions on chapter creation and development, sub chapters, how to tap into and use one’s life experiential learning to find passion, focus and formatting the cover for your book.

She then shifted gears to Speaking.
Discussing topics such as, how people listen to stories.
Tell your own authentic story.
Using your book to create opportunities.
Reading from your own book at your speaking engagements, (she gave a dramatic demonstration reading the teacup story from her book, a story of being mold into someone you never thought you could be);
The strategies and structure used in speaking: Introduction, body and conclusion.

Social Media Trainings & Techniques

In the home stretch, Taurea discussed Social Media Profiles and the importance of completely filling your profile on social networks.

The important role social media plays in business; especially for small business owners and, how we as business owners, need to use the tools provided by social media

In closing, one of Tayrea’s students currently enrolled in Taurea’s new Show Your Success To Effective Marketing Mastery (S.Y.S.T.E.M.), gave a testimonial to her experiential learning and accomplishments achieved.

A long line of enrollees was waiting to register at the close of the workshop.

The explosions in the mind moments that I experienced at this workshop are how easy Taurea makes it for every one to inculcate and assimilate what she teaches and the process of writing a book is less convoluted than I thought.

Alphonza L.

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