Show Your Success – Houston

Show Your Success Workshop


Show Your Success – Houston

Taurea is having a workshop June 27th, 2015 in Houston, TX and she is inviting all small-based business owners and independent distributors to come out and join me in this 6 hour Intensive Workshop!

Taurea has had the pleasure (or maybe not so pleasure) of experience both sides of marketing when it comes to my business. From spending thousands of dollars and hours and hours marketing my business to spending way less time and most definitely money marketing my business.

Taurea’s favorite is the second option. At this workshop, Taurea wants to teach you 3 Strategies that will separate you from many others in your industry.

1. Writing a Book – Not only has writing a book absolutely increased my following but its given me an additional stream of income. Taurea will teach you how to write a book in less than a month. After the Show Your Success Workshop,  you will leave inspired with many book ideas to work with.

2. Speaking with Confidence – There are two types of public speakers in the world…. The nervous ones and The Liars… (lol that was funny right?) But no for real. Taurea believes if you sell a product or service, then you need to have some public speaking skills under your belt. At the Show Your Success Workshop, she is going to show you a 3 part system that will give you great confidence in your speech which will increase your profits

3. 10 Social Media Techniques and Tools – When it comes to social media, Taurea will say that she haa to drag most of her students kicking and screaming. Well not really but that’s what it seems like. Most people are intimidated by social media and all these different ways to promote yourself. Taurea will give you 10 simple techniques and tools that will get you started on the right path. If you are not utilizing social media, you most absolutely need to! Let TAUREA help you!

Tickets are selling fast! So be sure to get yours today! 

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