Vision Team

Join Taurea’s Vision Team Today? Learn how to increase your business exposure all while creating another stream of income for your business.


Vision Team Opportunities:

Vision Ambassador: (1 per location) This person is a key influencer, center of influence in the city they represent. They are a representative of the Vision team and should promote the SYS workshop on social media and through local media outlets.

     Vision Ambassador responsibilities:

    • Securing a location for the workshop, including a separate space for the VIP meeting;
    • Host and Day of coordinator (including lunch vendor and delivery);
    • Introduce Taurea Avant at workshop’s start;
    • Assist Taurea Avant, speakers, vendors on the day of the workshop; and
    • Suggest other Vision Team members.

     Vision Ambassador Steps:

  • Join the Vision Team FB page (
  • Post your intention to become a Vision Ambassador, your location ideas and your email address on FB page (Taurea will email you the Vision Ambassador electronic agreement if that city is not already represented);
  • Complete the Vision Ambassador electronic agreement;
  • Join the WhatsApp
  • Send a professional photograph, title, bio, website and social media information to SYS’s email at;
  • Attend Vision Team conference calls.
  • Sign up to be an affiliate
    Enter Email:

Vision Ambassador Benefits:

  • One coordinator’s fee (amount is based on the city and duties performed);
  • Customized marketing materials;
  • Free access to the SYS workshop; and
  • Profile in the SYS workshop booklet provided to all attendees.
  • Up to 40% earnings on online products sold

Vision Promoter– (4-6 per location) Promoters assist the vision team by utilizing the customized images provided by Taurea to market and advertise the SYS workshop for their city. The Vision Promoter should have marketing savvy, influence in their city and a wealth of social media followers. 

     Vision Promoter responsibilities:

    • Promote your city’s event to local potential attendees, vendors and others.
    • Sell at least 3 tickets to the SYS workshop
    • Purchase your ticket to the SYS workshop
    • Suggest other Vision Team members.

     Vision Promoter Steps:

  • Join the Vision Team FB page (
  • Utilize the affiliate link (provided in the Facebook Group Page under Files Tab) to apply indicating the city you wise to promote.
  • Send a professional photograph, title, bio, website and social media information to SYS’s email at; and
  • Attend Vision Promoter conference calls.
  • Sign up to be an affiliate.
    Enter Email:

     Vision Promoter Benefits:

  • 25% return on each ticket you sell, after 1st 3 tickets are sold; and
  • Customized marketing materials with custom discount code.
  • Up to 40% earnings on online products sold

Other Vision Team Roles- we are constantly growing and evolving which requires us to add new roles/members to our vision team. We currently have the need for stylist, makeup artists, photographers, members of the press and other business vendors. As these roles are discussed the responsibilities of each role will be discussed on a case by case basis. Each city’s workshop will have 6-8 vendors whose industry will be a complement the SYS workshop and the values of its founder. Lastly, we are always looking for vision sponsors whose goal it is to further the success of the SYS workshop. Sponsorship packages including the benefits of sponsorship are discussed on a case by case basis with the potential sponsor and Taurea.

Vision Facts

  • Vision Promoters can use their ticket sale profits to purchase their ticket. However, if the event sells out, they could possibly lose their seat.
  • No member of the vision team has the rights and or privileges to utilize any participant list or group for personal marketing purpose..
  • Vision Team members should advertise the SYS workshop only using the custom marketing images provided by Taurea or other materials which have been approved by Taurea.