Write a Book

I believe that every single business owner should write a book! Being an author will bring in so many opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. The first benefit is it gives you INSTANT credibility! Another benefit is that you can instantly create multiple streams of income. My passion is to truly open the eyes of entrepreneurs with showing them how to write a book in a short period of time! There are three major ways in which I work with entrepreneurs to show them how to write a book! 


Maybe you are not yet ready to enroll in my online course but you would like a little game-plan call with me! You can schedule a full hour with me for $150 where we will discuss what you love to do and how to turn that into a profit with your book! This Vision Strategy Session will change your life! 

The Book Writing Success Training is apart of the online university program of S.Y.S.T.E.M. Mastery. It is a combination of self-teaching with 5 online modules. We also have group training calls every other month where you can ask questions on the calls. You will also get three one-on-one coaching calls. When you enroll into this program, you will learn how to have your book done in 30 days with only spending 30 mins per day on your book. You will know 10 ways to sell your book. You will also be able to join our private group of book buyers. One of the biggest challenges most have with their book is the “publishing” portion and we will show you how to self-publish your book and also how to bet a cover that sells. This program is responsible for more than 40+ authors in less than a year and a half! 

Write a Book


Come visit me in Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend where we will write you book in the weekend along with a lot of major things. Some include book cover designed, photo shoot, develop book marketing and launch plan and more! This is an exclusive event and is open to only 12 people at a time! You will have 80% of your book done if not 100% by the end of the weekend! Click on the link for more information!